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Y HALLO THUR. Welcome to s3xn1nj4s! This is a crack roleplay, spawned late one night by dazdconfusd and lezbonojutsu when they were being stupid over MSN having no life. WHICH THEY DO ALOT BY THE WAY.

So we'd love for you to come join us. ITS A HELLA TIGHT TIME, HERE AT s3xn1nj4s~! CAMAAAAAAN, YOU KNOW YOU WANNA GIVE IN. All we ask s that you're slightly insane and able to produce something somewhat cracky for us to enjoy.

WARNING: This is going to be FULL of yaoi and yuri (and het, but I doubt anyone really dislikes that). The rule is: Don't like it, don't read.


WELL. It's post time-skip land and everyone in Konoha is merrirly doing their duties as ninjas, prancing around being special and doing missions and the like. Orochimaru and Kabuto decided to take a vacation to Konoha so they could bask in the fact that theres vunerable litte boys everywhere plot destruction upon it. And they brought Sasuke along with them! And then they left him there, 'cause they forgot about him. Sasuke is really pissed off at Gaara for some reason, and Gaara, although not currently in Konoha, is enjoying his time by plotting on how to kill him.
Itachi has also been spotted darting around with his... kitten... So it is assumed that the rest of Akatsuki isn't far behind. Their reasons for being in Konoha are currently unknown. And why Itachi has a kitten will remain his business and his only. Or so we hope.

Annd something about Victoria's Secret. Once we figure out how that works into the whole plotline.
Oho, and the plot will change once we get more members.
Well.. if you can call what we have a plot, that is.

Established pairings seem to be as follows:
Itachi/Sasuke (Incest, hellz yeah.)
Gaara/Naruto (Naru/Gaa? Honestly I can't tell with those two.)
Various crack/implications of other randomness.

If you are offended by any of these, turn back now. Chances are if they're an "established" pairing, there's going to be a lot of it around.


AHAHA. These will come last. Probably. Unless Kat is gonna write them up. 83 Yeah. KAT YOU WRITE THEM. I'M WRITING THEM. Okay, we seem schizo now :3 Dude we are shizo.

1. BE... COOL.
2. Smut RP is okay as long as you put a big-ass warning before it so we don't read something with our Aunt Cletus about Orochimaru nailing someone in the... errm, moving on...
3. You gotta be immune to any type of yaoi/yuri/het relationship, 'cause its probably gonna happen. 3:

Okay... I officially suck at this.
We also did a little thing, and we decided to have character-specific MSN accounts. (It beat AIM, yo.) It's not required for you to have one, but it does help. You can find out all you need to know on the IM subject right here.


If the characters name is below, that means they're taken.

Name Char. Journal Rper Journal Char. Email
Akasuna Sasori akasuna_danna bloodnblack akasuna_danna@hotmail.com
Deidara justafireman_un stakeh justafireman_un@hotmail.com
Gaara sandisemo fr0z3n_4ng3i_ sandisemo@hotmail.com
Haku senbon_bunny aithieman PENDING
Hyuuga Neji perv_by_fate None/PENDING PENDING
Nara Shikamaru x_ilikeclouds_x None x_ilikeclouds_x@hotmail.com
Temari autumn_wind_607 None autumn_breeze_607@hotmail.co.uk
Uchiha Itachi weasel_mindrape kat_thefox weasel_mindrape@hotmail.com
Uchiha Obito goggled_uchiha inquisitorial goggled_uchiha@hotmail.com
Uchiha Sasuke sexgoduchiha lezbonojutsu sexgoduchiha@hotmail.com
Uzumaki Naruto sextoynaruchin None naru4sasu@hotmail.com
Yamanaka Ino ino_kins spork_ai ino_kins@hotmail.com


To apply:
-Make sure the character you want isnt taken. You can do this be viewing the chart above. If the characters name you want isnt there, that means they are free to apply for. If their name is there.. too bad. 3:
-Fill out the form below appropriately
-Post your application at this thread here.
-Wait until one of us responds before you make your character's journal. :3
-For your samply entry, pretend you are writing an entry in your characters journal. Make sure you write something more then just three sentences.

Character Name: (whuz your characters name?)
Character desc.: (personality, appearance, the whole shebang.)
Sample: (again, try to make this as long as you can. It doesnt have to be about anything important. xD)

Roleplayer's livejournal: (who're you on LJ? 8D)
Email: (so we can reply to you and send you reminders or something.)

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